Regional BioCamp 2016 - May 22 to May 24, 2015, Ljubljana, Slovenia

What is BioCamp?

The Regional BioCamp 2016 is a three day forum, that brings together selected top students with distinguished experts and top managers. It is a great opportunity to gain direct insight into the world of research and international business environment within the pharmaceutical industry.

Regional BioCamp 2016 offers participants an excellent opportunity to:
  • Gain insight into the professional and business environment of the global pharmaceutical industry
  • Learn how science and practice, the profession and business connect for the benefit of the patient
  • Interact with key experts and leading managers from Lek, Sandoz and Novartis
  • Gain first-hand experience in starting up and managing a company
  • Explore career opportunities in different areas of the pharmaceutical industry
  • Network with talented students from other countries


  • Key-note presentations of leading scientists from academia, Lek, Sandoz and Novartis:
    • New developments in the generic pharmaceutical industry and biosimilars
    • Worldwide experience in biosimilars development
    • Starting a company
    • New treatment strategies for respiratory diseases
    • Patient view on treatment opportunities
    • Career opportunities in the pharmaceutical industry
  • Students’ workshop:
    • How to develop and launch a biopharmaceutical product
  • A visit to Sandoz development facilities in Slovenia.

Preliminary program

Who may apply?

We invite regional university students in natural sciences, from last year pre-graduate studies,
masters, doctoral and post-doctoral studies, to apply for the Regional BioCamp 2016.
The event will be held in English and English fluency is required.
A total of 35 selected students will be chosen based on their academic
excellence, professional experience and extra-curricular activities.

The two winners of the Regional BioCamp will participate at the Novartis International
BioCamp 2016 in Basel, Switzerland.


Deadline for applications was February 29, 2016.
Deadline for students from Poland is extended to March 18, 2016.
Selected students will be informed via e-mail in April 2016.

For students from Poland